Bex Marshall

UK British Blues Award winner and 4 time European Blues Awards nominee Bex Marshall’s unique style of guitar playing is a combined technique of slide, blues rock, ragtime and roots pickin’. Performing as her trio with 6 string bass maestro from New York Robert Eugene Daniels AKA RED and London drumming phenom Alexei Gittens. Bex has just recently signed her new single 'I Can't Look You In The Eye', with US label 26 Records Sony/Orchard and will be performing it at the Sue Wongs Oscar Gala in Feb 2020 with Pink Floyds Scott Page (Saxophone) and his band, who will be performing her single with her. Described as having a voice like 'a powerful melting pot of old black woman’s heartache and rock diva soul'. 'A writer of distinction and notability', she pushes the boundaries of blues music, her songs have been called 'timeless'with 'touches of genius', Bex has broken several international markets independently and tours internationally, solo or with her super tight three piece band which augments her unique style of virtuoso playing, literally a musical tornado. Bex is such an exceptional vocalist in 2014 Bex toured with Big Brother and the Holding Company for a tour in 2014 as the voice of Janis. Bex is also a unique guitarist and has several worldwide guitar sponsors from resonators (Ozark) to electric (Teye) to acoustic (strinberg), DR STRINGS and Blackstar Amps, all support Bex Marshall worldwide.

Bex was born in Devon but now based in London, the product of two very different family's, one blue blooded landed gentry, a her great grandfather was the Squire of Cornwall and the other Irish Romany her great great grandmother was the Madam Olga the fortune teller. As a child at family gatherings her uncles would always play and stand her on the table to sing, at 11 years old she was given a 1963 Gibson Hummingbird by her Uncle David (The Mauraders) and started playing, she got hooked on instrumentals and classical guitar standards which stretched her fingers and gave her a great basis for her own music to develop,flamenco, ragtime country chicken pickin’, rock and on to blues and roots where she is now in her element. She always had a passion for travelling, its in her blood and trained as a croupier at 18 began her travels around the world working gaming tables on cruise liners to Park Lane even dealing illegal poker games in Amsterdam. She hitch hiked the coast of Australia on cattle trains and always with a guitar on her back living and storing tales. Now she is headlining some of the worlds most prestigious stages playing and singing and producing her own music.