Mike Mangan's Big Organ Trio

Mike Mangan is a true original on the Hammond B3 Organ.  Simply put, no one else plays like him, and he plays like no one else.   This extremely unconventional Hammond Organist, Vocalist, and Composer has been the touring featured Hammond Organist, Keyboard player and backing vocalist for Glenn Hughes plays Classic Deep Purple.  Mike has also played with rock powerhouse Heaven and Earthand leads his own instrumental band,  Mike Mangan's Big Organ Trio.  Mangan is also a founding member of (and vocalist/organist/keyboard bassist/harmonica player for) his rock band  REBEL HOUSE RADIO. Mangan has become renown for his pioneering approach to the Hammond, and is also recognized as a powerful songwriter and singer. 

Mangan is influenced just as much by electric guitar players as he is by other keyboardists, which has shaped his inimitable approach to his instrument.  Through a unique  method of tonal manipulation, Mangan often simulates the power and tonality of an electric guitar through the Organ, often leading to comparisons with rock power trios instead of jazz organ trios.  However, it’s not only Mangan’s tone-bending innovation that makes him unique.  His aggressive, percussive, and adept playing technique creates the complete package of an innovator on his instrument. 

As soon as you hear one note, you know it’s Mike Mangan.  In fact,  Keyboard Magazine remarked, "Mike Mangan's Big Organ Trio has big funk, big nastiness, and big charisma...Mangan's playing is lithe, percussive, and greasy."

The L.A. Times said, “A virtuoso on the Hammond Organ...Mangan crafts original tunes that rarely lose focus...a tribute to his head-nodding instrumental grooves and mastery of the organ."